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Noordhoek, Cape Town

A spectacular setting in Crofter’s Valley, Noordhoek. From the lush scenery and sweeping sea and mountain views, this property offers a bespoke destination for those who are eager to experience the best in Capetonian hospitality.

The feeling of luxury is further enhanced by comforts such as a heated infinity rim-flow pool, rolling lawns and manicured indigenous gardens. The house features modern, high-end furnishings which make Nimano Hillside a perfect holiday getaway for the luxury minded.

Chef of nimanohillside

The Chef - Natalie Honig

Natalies passion for food and culinary expertise is evident in every dish she serves. We believe food is an experience from the soil to the soul. With the use of our herb and vegetable gardens, Natalie creates delectable meals from Monday to Friday for our guests to savour around the dining tables.

Sauna & Spa

Our Sauna and Spa is a place for you to tap into the ritual of cleansing. Holidays are also about health. An experience that is calming yet invigorating, cleansing yet nourishing.

Indigenous Garden

The gardens engulf us in their verdant hues of green, seamlessly blending in with the vegetation of the landscape. Little tranquil pockets of paradise reveal themselves along hidden walkways around the herbs and vegetables, the fruit trees and rolling lawn.

20m Heated Pool

Our infinity rim-flow swimming pool beckons an early morning dip, a late afternoon lap and an evening glide beneath the stars. With its heated elements youll be inclined to swim throughout the hours of the day, whatever the weather.

Noordhoek Beach

For long morning and evening walks, horse riding and surfing, sandcastle building and shipwreck exploring, the majestic Noordhoek Beach stretches for 6km of pristine sands. Where families meander the shoreline with their dogs and boogie boards, buckets and spades, splashing in and out of the beautiful blue waters.


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